Lurking in the deep

Webinar: Lurking in the Deep October 15, 2020

Emerging risks and challenges are on the rise as a result of the unexpected loan volume Financial Institutions (FIs) are receiving stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. FIs need to take an active approach to safeguard their financial crime risk programs. In this panel, industry leaders discussed the emerging Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) challenges as well as how KYC automation has helped FIs overcome challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning outcomes:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the key insights and data released by the SBA. You can read more here
  • Practical and strategies on what you need to look for in your portfolios
  • How technology can help financial institutions optimize the investigation process for PPP loans

Tiffany Chesnos
Financial Crime Advisory Lead, riskCanvas

Quinten Hout
Head of Global FCRM Advisory, riskCanvas

Steven Dietz
Financial Crimes Advisory Lead, riskCanvas

John Colantoni
Cheif Risk Officer, Sonabank