What is AML?

Financial institutions play a critical role in protecting our nation's financial systems from being used by criminals, drug traffickers, human traffickers, corrupt political officials, and terrorist organizations.   In compliance with regulatory standards, institutions are responsible for monitoring customer transactions and behavior to identify suspicious activity and report this activity to the government and law enforcement. 

riskCanvas delivers compliance, efficiency, and advanced risk detection for AML Programs

Our software represents the future of AML technology.  With end-to-end coverage of AML/BSA requirements, riskCanvas provides a solid platform for any sized institution's AML program.  When compared to other AML technology platforms, riskCanvas provides comparable features (Transaction Monitoring, Case Management, KYC, etc.).  What makes riskCanvas different is:

  • Technological Superiority- riskCanvas is built natively on modern distributed storage and processing technology.  riskCanvas is the most scalable and performant AML solution.
  • Data Management- riskCanvas provides superior capabilities for integrating and maintaining AML source data.
  • Intuitive Design- riskCanvas provides an interface designed by investigators which empower the users to more efficiently adjudicate AML alerts and cases.  


riskCanvas Features

  • KYC/Onboarding

    Quickly onboard new clients across all lines of business.

  • CDD / UBO / EDD

    Proactively gather customer/entity due diligence information as well as beneficial owners of accounts.

  • Customer Risk Scoring

    Leverage riskDNA, our proprietary risk-scoring algorithm to score across 100 different risk factors.

  • Transaction Monitoring

    Monitor in real-time while leveraging machine learning capabilities to enhance/tune model logic.

  • Case Management

    Finally an intuitive dashboard for the day-to-day. All the information you need at the right moment.

  • Investigation Acceleration

    Increase productivity and decrease the overall time to complete cases.

  • SAR Reporting

    Automatically e-File SARs with FinCEN.

  • Risk Analytics and Reporting

    Comprehensive analytics and reporting features at your disposal.

riskCanvas delivers valuable outcomes...

Alert Volume Reduced
Investigation Handle Time Reduced
Overall Operations Cost Reduction

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