What is Fraud?

The fraud threat to financial institutions grows and evolves daily. Combating fraud is not just good for relationship management, but it's necessary for the bottom line. To keep up with the innumerous threat vectors looking to defraud financial institutions and their customers, monitoring must be extremely quick, adaptive, and flexible. From day to day, threat actors change their tactics, techniques, and procedures, and monitoring technology must be able to keep up.

riskCanvas Fraud detection uses cutting edge big data and machine learning technology...

Which provides real time fraud monitoring that can turn and learn on a dime. Integration of new data sources can occur in minutes instead of months. Developing, sandboxing, and deploying new scenarios requires only a few clicks of the mouse, while any scenario can easily be stratified to capture nuances in customer risk, transaction threshold, and countless other variables. Most importantly, riskCanvas Fraud continuously runs machine learning and anomaly detection to both integrate feedback into scenario tuning and search for unquantifiable anomalous behavior that cannot be easily captured with a monitoring scenario.  

riskCanvas Features

  • Real-Time Detection

    Stop fraud as it happens.

  • Machine Learning

    Leverage the power of AI to constantly enhance detection.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Gain insights on outliers and potential elevated threats.

  • Scenario Sandboxing and Tuning

    Reduce false positive alerts by testing new scenarios on production data, in a safe environment.

  • Data Routing

    Quickly integrate structured and unstructured data seamlessly into riskCanvas for actionable insights.


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