riskCanvas is designed to be a flexible platform...

We understand that the individual needs of each financial institution may differ, that's why we built riskCanvas to augment a variety of compliance use cases. Whether you are looking for an AML, Fraud, Trade Surveillance, or another niche compliance solution, riskCanvas has the ability to tackle our client's toughest challenges.

riskCanvas can be a one-stop platform for all your compliance needs...

Our software leverages advanced analytics and the power of big data to easily integrate vast amounts of data from unstructured and structured sources. With the ability to customize workflows, snap-in data using our Tesseract Data Wrangling Engine, and create comprehensive visualizations through advanced analytic capabilities.


riskCanvas Features

  • Case Management

    Finally an intuitive dashboard for the day-to-day. All the information you need at the right moment.

  • Customizable Workflows

    Quickly and efficiently create workflows specific for your team or individual user.

  • Data Routing

    Quickly integrate structured and unstructured data seamlessly into riskCanvas for actionable insights.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Leverage the power of advanced analytics to derive meaningful insights from your data.


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