What is Trade Surveillance?

Trade Surveillance is one of the most complex and data intensive compliance processes that an institution carries out. Not only must customer behavior be monitored, but market and network behavior also play a critical role in alerting. Most institutions have simply come to accept false positive rates through the roof and the need to quickly dismiss alerts wholesale due to market trends. However, as market access grows with the rise of new trading platforms, lower fees, and better technology, effective and efficient trade surveillance becomes even more important to detect and report market manipulation, insider trading, and other criminal behaviors.

riskCanvas Trade Surveillance allows for the easy integration of disparate data points into monitoring scenarios.

Using big data and cloud resources, complex scenarios that factor in customer, network, and market behavior can be created easily to examine millions of trades in a timely fashion. Machine learning can help to tune and test scenarios to reduce false positives, while alert triage can help to bundle together similar alerts based on common data points for more efficient review. Data analytics tools can aid in visualizing market behavior, while entity enrichment capabilities can build out customer profiles and networks to better anticipate and detect irregular trading patterns.

riskCanvas Features

  • Scenario Sandboxing and Tuning

    Reduce false positive alerts by testing new scenarios on production data, in a safe environment.

  • Machine Learning

    Leverage the power of AI to constantly enhance detection.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Gain insights on outliers and potential elevated threats.

  • Data Routing

    Quickly integrate structured and unstructured data seamlessly into riskCanvas for actionable insights.

  • Advanced Analytics and Visualization

    Complex surveillance requires comprehensive analytics that provide robust visualizations


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