Risk and compliance solutions for FinTech

risk and compliance

• Syncing risk policy & controls as regs modernize
• Unique business risks (electronic ~ATO, speed, volume, anonymity)
• Managing compliance at unpredictable scale
• One size does NOT fit all for FCRM


• Effective measurement of risks and threats
• Eliminating risk control gaps and conflicts to reduce losses and costs
• Controlling compliance costs with unpredictable scale


• The way you treat your customers IS THE REASON customers choose you
• Reducing “friction” in customer onboarding, account management and transaction activities
• Making every touch time, positive
• Managing the CX during a changing world (external stressors, new customer types, higher volumes)

We are a committed, compliance operations partner

Productivity delivered through technology-led-operations (average)
Estimated reduction in total cost of ownership compared to offshore base case (average)

Nobody understands FinTechs like us – we’ve supported the largest social media, online brokerage and eCommerce platforms, where we’ve come to understand unique FinTech challenges and formed the Financial Crimes Innovation Hub, to conduct research and development activities to come up with products and services built to serve Fintech

Zero surprise delivery – Our operations are delivered with SLA-driven quality, supporting ALL areas of FCC and scalable as you grow

Technology led operations – with our next-generation financial crime technology, we deliver ~ 50% increase in productivity + enhanced quality

Global leader in FCC – delivering excellence in operations resulted in our designation as a leader and star performer by Everest, IDC, and Chartis

No hidden fees, no minimum commitments -​ Our solution drives greater 20%* reduction in cost of ownership with locked-in, transaction-based rates which are all-inclusive of technology, operations, and advisory