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riskCanvas understands that actionable insights are the true achievement of successful consulting engagements. No matter the scope of the engagement, we strive to provide recommendations that can be implemented on day one, which accelerate long-term targets. If your team needs a comprehensive set of consulting services for Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud, Trade Surveillance, and Compliance programs; our expert team of subject matter experts, consultants, data scientists, and technologists help your program achieve compliance, efficiency, and enhanced risk detection. If your team is exploring strategic consulting services designed to help institutions optimize their compliance, operations, and technology strategies, our team of expert consultants can provide a strategic outside view of the industry best practices, regulatory direction, and technology roadmaps that can help your institution become a leader in fighting financial crime. Learn more about our offerings below:



Strategy Consulting Services

  • Integrated Programs and Infrastructure Design

    These services focus on developing strategic frameworks for integrated policies, human capital models, business processes, and technology systems across financial crimes domains (AML, Fraud, Sanctions, Cyber, Anti-Corruption and Bribery).

  • Organizational Change Management

    These services focus on strategic structural shifts within an enterprise and specifically across the financial crimes domains.

  • Operational Planning

    These services focus on strategies around building sustainable business-as-usual (BAU), contingent/augmented, and targeted/ project oriented business process environments.

  • Operational Intelligence and Analysis

    These services focus on developing tracking (collection) and assessing (analysis) operational metrics (KRI/KPI) to drive operational and policy level decision making.

  • Optimization Studies and Analysis

    These services focus on deploying observatory and analytical techniques on the business process environments in order to develop leaner or more optimized business practices.

  • Big Data and Technology Assessments

    These services focus on assessing current state data and technology eco-systems; identifying a desired future state, and developing a roadmap to reach it.

Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Risk Assessment Services

    Know where your program stands and how to enhance controls through a comprehensive assessment of your current state.

  • AgencyInsight Training Program

    A training suite for AML programs within financial institutions which leverages our unrivaled government insight from our SMEs. A low-cost option to train your staff with a “behind-the-scenes” perspective on the trends and focus of regulators and law enforcement agencies.

  • Program Development and Optimization

    Benchmark your program against industry peers while creating a roadmap to optimize inefficiencies across the business.

  • Regulatory Reporting Services

    Whether its a SAR, CTR, STR etc. enhance your current approach leveraging our insight on industry best practices.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Services

    Enhance your approach to KYC leveraging our insight for industry best practices.

  • Watch List Management

    Go beyond regulatory watchlists and incorporate best practices that enhance the entirety of your controls.

  • Compliance Testing and Audit Services

    Stress test your current program to ensure regulatory compliance.


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