Product Suite


The riskCanvas Approach

riskCanvas believes that technology is a critical element in improving regulatory compliance and efficiency for compliance programs within financial institutions. Designed by a consortium of former industry practitioners, regulatory experts, and technologists. Built upon the most cutting edge technologies to deliver a seamless, high performance, and robust solution for AML/Fraud teams. 



Entity Analytics

The Entity Analytics Module is designed to accelerate research of investigation teams for KYC functions. A platform for enriching customer profiles, risk scoring customers and accounts, and analyzing networks. riskCanvas users understand more about their customers, their relationship with the business, and the relationships that they have with other internal/external entities.


Investigation Management

The Investigation Management Module provides a comprehensive case management platform for accelerating investigations. This module provides a rich user experience and presents investigators all of the data that they will need at their fingertips. 


Transaction Surveillance

The Transaction Surveillance Module is designed to provide users an environment where traditional financial crime transaction monitoring scenarios can be designed tested, and executed. When compared to competing tools, riskCanvas provides more efficient scenario tuning and alert prioritization.   


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