Real-Time Surveillance. Powered by Big Data. Enhanced by Machine Intelligence. 


The Transaction Surveillance Module is designed to provide users an environment where traditional financial crime transaction monitoring scenarios can be designed tested, and executed. When compared to competing tools, riskCanvas provides more efficient scenario tuning and alert prioritization. 


An integrated and practical approach to Machine Learning.

Leverage the power of Machine Intelligence to empower your users to make educated decisions for scenario tuning. 

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Alert surveillance in real-time.

  • Scenario Simulation Workbench

    Test models on real production data in a sandbox environment - all thanks to the power of distributed computing.

  • 100+ Out of the Box Scenarios

    Pick and choose from over a hundred AML and Fraud scenarios - right out of the box.

  • Customizable Rule Editor

    Empower business users to build/configure/customize rules without the need for complex scripts.

  • Alert Triage Plug-in

    Save time by bundling several alerts on an entity for a period of time and disposition them all at once, holistically.

  • Machine Learning/Dynamic Self-Tuning Models

    Leverage cutting edge technologies to make recommendations on your scenarios to make them more efficient.


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