The Next Generation of Financial Crime Technology

The riskCanvas Financial Crimes Software Suite is the most technologically advanced and best "built for purpose" tool used by financial institutions to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Fraud, and Trade Surveillance regulatory requirements.

riskCanvas helps financial institutions detect, investigate, and prevent a variety of financial crime threats and is designed to help our clients achieve regulatory compliance in these domains.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    Transaction Monitoring, Case Management, Automated Due Diligence, SAR Filing and more...

  • Fraud

    Wire, Checking, Mobile, Payment Fraud, and behavioral anomaly detection.

  • Trade Surveillance

    Trade Monitoring and Behavioral Anomaly Detection. Analytics and Investigation Interfaces.

  • Other Use Cases

    riskCanvas can be used to detect, prevent, and investigate any kind of suspicious activity.

What our clients are saying

Top Global Retail Bank

"The riskCanvas product suite has helped us to drive efficiencies into our AML investigations. Not only are we spending less time manually gathering data, but we have more uniformity in our investigations."

Top Global Investment Bank

"The riskCanvas team has helped us to define an operating model and technical architecture which has positioned us for success for several years"

Top N.A. Broker Dealer

"riskCanvas has helped our Financial Crimes program get a handle of our data. We are now able to execute more efficiently and have agility from our platform to respond to our ever changing business needs."

riskCanvas Insights

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