riskCanvas and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

About our partnership

riskCanvas (a Genpact company) and AWS team up to provide an end-to-end software solution designed specifically to help financial institutions perform detection, triage, case management, suspicious activity reporting, and other regulatory compliance functions. riskCanvas also supports the entire Financial Crime Risk Management (FCRM) process in all domains, including Know Your Customer (KYC), Transaction Monitoring (TM), Fraud, Sanctions, and Claims and Chargeback. riskCanvas builds on AWS services to provide a highly secure cloud environment to host our Financial Services Client's most sensitive data - we give enterprises the confidence they need to move to the cloud.


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Industry-leading proprietary solutions for FCRM, hosted within the AWS cloud. 

Case Management

• Role-based access control
• KPI/Machine Learning Reporting
• Workflow Design

Surveillance & Analytics

• Model Design and Tuning
• Machine Learning/Advanced Analytics
• Intelligence/Data Visualization

Data Management

• External Data Aggregation
• Tesseract Data Wrangling
• Data Exploration and Discovery


• Transaction Toolkit
• Automated Data Aggregation
• Investigation Acceleration

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AWS Success Stories

Local commercial bank

• The client needed a solution to perform background investigations with enhanced due diligence for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applicants beyond the bank's capacity to perform.

• Due to the highly automated and cloud-native nature of the riskCanvas solution, Genpact began PPP investigations within weeks and scaled both technology and personnel to the application demand.

• The bank was able to meet their demand, improve the quality of their investigations, and reduce their risk and liability in providing their services. Genpact found multiple instances of fraud and illicit activities that the client was then able to investigate and report to federal government and law enforcement officials.

Largest asset management company

• Worked with money-movement groups throughout the institution to provide a real-time sanctions screening interface with sub-second response

• Ingested CIP and Fraud alerts from third-party providers to significantly improve efficiency and unify case management efforts.

• Routed in dozens of tables of custom, account, and transaction data from legacy systems and disjointed organizations to create a holistic view of the customer while performing data validation

• Reduced SAR filing time by 90% by automating form data mapping and providing batch filing

Top online brokerage

• Comprehensive, enterprise-wide, integrated workflow management allowing for a centralized case management system

• Data and Workflow consolidation from Mantas, Actimize, SMARTS, in-house reports, and so forth

• 18K+ riskCanvas users, 5+ compliance groups operating, 2.5M Alerts/Cases investigated, 20M+ customers risk scored in regular intervals (current and former

• End-user empowerment through comprehensive workflow editor as well as integrated data routing functionality within the UI for power users to enhance system without the need of vendor involvement

AWS Competencies

AWS has certified riskCanvas for various competencies and service delivery domains, including:


Financial Services

Demonstrated industry expertise, readily implemented solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices.


Deep expertise helping implement continuous integration and delivery practices and helping automate infrastructure with configuration management tools on AWS.


As part of its comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of financial institutions' sensitive non-public information, riskCanvas achieved SOC 2 certification.

Why riskCanvas and AWS?

AWS acts as a true partner, allowing riskCanvas to build a highly scalable, high-performing, and secure environment for our riskCanvas solutions while allowing quick deployment using built-in DevOps. Clients from various industries will feel confident that the riskCanvas-AWS partnership will bring the best to their projects.


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