riskCanvas - Built for Compliance

riskCanvas is a flexible platform for a variety of different use cases. We believe that technology is a critical element in improving regulatory compliance and efficiency for compliance programs within financial institutions. Designed by a consortium of former industry practitioners, regulatory experts, and technologists. Built upon the most cutting edge technologies to deliver a seamless, high performance, and robust solution for AML/Fraud teams. 

Use Cases

Financial institutions play a critical role in protecting our nation's financial systems from being used by criminals, drug traffickers, human traffickers, corrupt political officials, and terrorist organizations.   In compliance with regulatory standards, insitutions are responsible for monitoring customer transactions and behavior to identify suspicious activity and report this activity to the government and law enforcement. 

The fraud threat to financial institutions grows and evolves daily. Combating fraud is not just good for relationship management, but it's necessary for the bottom line. To keep up with the innumerous threat vectors looking to defraud financial institutions and their customers, monitoring must be extremely quick, adaptive, and flexible. From day to day, threat actors change their tactics, techniques, and procedures, and monitoring technology must be able to keep up.

Trade Surveillance is one of the most complex and data intensive compliance processes that an institution carries out. Not only must customer behavior be monitored, but market and network behavior also play a critical role in alerting. Most institutions have simply come to accept false positive rates through the roof and the need to quickly dismiss alerts wholesale due to market trends. However, as market access grows with the rise of new trading platforms, lower fees, and better technology, effective and efficient trade surveillance becomes even more important to detect and report market manipulation, insider trading, and other criminal behaviors.  

We understand that the individual needs of each financial institution may differ, that's why we built riskCanvas to augment a variety of compliance use cases. Whether you are looking for an AML, Fraud, Trade Surveillance, or another niche compliance solution, riskCanvas has the ability to tackle our client's toughest challenges.

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