Entity Analytics

Leverage the power of big data & advanced analytics for KYC.

The Entity Analytics Module is designed to accelerate research of investigation teams for KYC functions. This module provides a platform for enriching customer profiles, risk scoring customers and accounts, and analyzing networks. riskCanvas users understand more about their customers, their relationship with the business, and the relationships that they have with other internal/external entities.
If you have the data, we can score it.
riskDNA means comprehensive risk-scoring with over 100 genes (individual risk factors) that can be configured based on your specific risk tolerance.

Key Features

  • Verification of Customer Data

    Quickly authenticate KYC information.

  • One-Time Global Onboarding

    Ensure customer information is accessible across business segments

  • Proprietary Risk-Scoring Algorithm

    riskDNA leverages advanced analytics with the ability to score hundreds of risk factors from unstructured and structured data sources.

Available Sub-Modules:

  • e3 – Entity Enrichment Engine

    RPA enrichment from external data attributes, negative news, relationships, beneficial owners, and much more.

  • Network Analysis & Resolution

    Analyze customer networks to quickly identify relationships, beneficial owners, and more.


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